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Here we are at home. - So, let's quickly get in the shower! - I ordered the girl. Slapping her bare feet, she obediently went to the bathroom and stood there undecided, looking warily at me. I went after the girl and closed the door. - Well, why are you standing here - take your clothes off. The girl hesitated. - Well? - I ... I ... am embarrassed - she murmured almost inaudibly, and began to cry. Well what can I say! Still, the girl - the eternal mystery. After what I've seen ... I had to smile, though the girl was clearly not amused. She was standing right in front of me, his arms at his sides, and silently wept.

- Come flirt, take your clothes off too. I took her by the shoulders. Anastasia started and roared in a voice without trying, however, to resist in any way. I pulled her to me and hugged. - Well, the hole, not cry. All is over, now you will be fine. The girl suddenly seized me and continued to roar, buried in my shoulder. Embracing her arm around her waist, I told her words of comfort and stroked her head. Finally, Nastya calmed down a bit. - Well, let's take off your things - I said, and began to unbutton her dress. Nastia was helping me and stopped in indecision, when floors of dress flew open. I myself moved the cloth from her shoulders and slowly brought it down along the body of the girl. - You're very beautiful - honestly I said, admiring the naked embarrassed girl. She blushed visibly.

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Breathable freshness through fatigue girl sitting in the kitchen. - Let's have a drink while hot sweet tea and go have a rest. I saw that it is now more important holiday meal. - It's too late, when you need to be home? – They do not wait for me at home, I'm some kind of staying with a friend in the country ... I agreed with her ... - Do you want to stay with me? - Is it possible? - Yes, of course, remain. It is good that you do not have to hurry - you have time to fully recover. Come on, I'll put you to sleep - it is most useful for you right now.

We went into the room and I laid on the couch. - Lie down here. If all of a sudden that - I'll be in the next room, call. I'm going to go, but suddenly she called out to me. - Uncle Alex! I stopped. - And you ... you really like me? - I like you, my beautiful and modest girl. - Please do not think I'm a slut! She suddenly fell to his knees in front of me. - I ask you, please, oh please, do not think badly of me! - Yes, I did not think, do not worry. Let's get up and put to bed. I lifted her by the arm and she was in my arms.

She was just charming - as can be charming and trusting only timid girl. The floors of belt tied robe slightly parted and I saw again the beautiful maiden breast. My cock straining at the leash again. - Uncle Alex ... Kiss me please ... She blushed again. - No, no, you need a rest. - Oh, please! Do not shrink from me ... The girl was sobbing and almost breathless.

I without words embraced the trembling girl and covered her mouth with a kiss. It was intoxicating. We kissed for a long time, I untied the belt of her robe and dropped the robe to the floor. She moaned and surrendered my arms that are kneaded with delight with that young body. My jeans almost burst from the strain, but I was determined that I should not now use essentially the state of hysterical girls. I regretfully pulled away from the youthful creation. - All for today. Go back to sleep. I have said this severely enough that she immediately complied. Naked girl slipped under the covers and hid her face in the pillow, experiencing an event. - Good night.

I turned off the light and went into the shower, I had everything aching from the continuous torture, which I was subjected, the events of the past day literally turned me inside out. Coming out of the bathroom in a robe I saw ... That she-devil! Girl lying under the covers in my bed room. - Please, can I sleep with you! I'm scared, I'm scared alone ... Please! I looked at her, trying to figure out what was this young establishment more – of a girlish innocence or female duplicity. However, this may be one and the same. On the other hand, I fully believed that the girl was now scared to be alone and she just needed to feel close human warmth.

I threw the robe and she dug her eyes on my cock. - Well, the little slag - I laughed, getting under the covers - go here. Excitedly, she leaned toward me, I placed a hand under her head, and she hugged me shyly, as if frightened away the happiness. - Just bear in mind - we sleep! Just sleep - I laughed and snapped her nose. She smiled and hugged me tightly, pressing her body and delicately touching me with her cheek. Less than ten minutes - and she was sweetly snoring on my chest. Oh, my God, I can freak - I mentally abused over myself - no, well it is necessary to lie naked next to a young naked beauty, and not even try to fuck her. Er's, men's heavy share. Need to sleep, dammit, and I can not vouch for myself - I smiled and closed my eyes.

Early in the morning I was awakened by the touch, opened my eyes and sat up on one elbow. A truly royal awakening – a naked girl sitting at my bed on her knees sucking my cock gently. I laughed. - What are you doing, hooligan! - Excuse me ... She lowered her head in embarrassment. - I'm sorry, I just ... I do not know how to thank you ... I probably will not be able to give you the money, I do not. I ... I can not work out ... well there, a maid ... Or you can do what you want with me ... I'll be around to listen to you, I am very diligent ... (The story written and sent by one of our customers)

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